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Below is the default configuration for the Dev package:

namespace: "dev",
jekyll: {
    src: "src",
    dest: "dist/site"
flags: [],
tasks: [],
serve: {
    port: 4000

Custom Configuration

You can override these defaults by passing in options in your Gulpfile:

/* gulpfile.js */, {
    "jekyll": {
        "src": "/path/to/src/"

Available configuration options are as follows:

Key Use
namespace Sets the namespace of the gulp commands (i.e. gulp namespace:command)
jekyll.src Sets the input folder for Jekyll
jekyll.dest Sets the output folder for dev build
flags Adds flags to use with the Jekyll build command (e.g. “–drafts”).
tasks Adds additional tasks to be run before the Jekyll build. This is useful for reducing build time in Jekyll.
serve.port Specifies the port to serve the built site from.



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