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This package is a work-in-progress. Some aspects may be awaiting improvement.

Below is the default configuration for the Proofer package.

	allow_missing_href: false,
	allow_hash_href: false,
	alt_ignore: [],
	assume_extension: false,
	check_external_hash: false,
	check_favicon: false,
	check_opengraph: false,
	check_img_http: false,
	checks_to_ignore: [],
	directory_index_file: "index.html",
	disable_external: false,
	empty_alt_ignore: false,
	enforce_https: false,
	error_sort: ":path",
	extension: ".html",
	external_only: false,
	file_ignore: [],
	http_status_ignore: [],
	ignore_mailto: true,
	ignore_cc_editor_links: true,
	internal_domains: [],
	log_level: ":info",
	only_4xx: false,
	src: "dist/site",
	output: "reports/proofer.json",
	url_ignore: [],
	url_swap: {},
	verbose: false,
	cache: {
		timeframe: null,
		storage_dir: null

Custom Configuration

You can override these defaults by passing in options in your Gulpfile:

/* gulpfile.js */
suite.proofer(gulp, { 
    internal_domains: ['localhost:4000'], 
    check_external_hash: true, 
    cache: { 
        timeframe: 60000,
        storage_dir: '_cache.json'

Available configuration options are as follows:

Key Use
allow_missing_href If set to true, don’t report errors about missing hrefs.
allow_hash_href If set to true, don’t report errors about hrefs with the value “#”.
alt_ignore A list of src attribute values. If the src attribute of an image is in this list, the image will ignored for the purposes of checking missing alt tags.
assume_extension Setting this to true allows the proofer to assume the extension of a file, when it comes across a path with no extension. The extension it assumes can be set with the “extension” key in the same config.
check_external_hash If set to true, check any fragment identifiers on external URLs.
check_favicon If set to false, don’t check for missing favicon.
check_img_http If set to true, report an error when an external image doesn’t have an HTTPS src.
checks_to_ignore List of checks to ignore.
directory_index_file Add this when a file path ends in “/”.
disable_external If set to true, external links will not be checked.
empty_alt_ignore If set to true, don’t report an error when an alt tag is an empty string.
enforce_https If set to true, report an error when an external non-image element doesn’t have HTTPS src.
extension File extension to use when assume_extension is set to true.
external_only If set to true, only external links will be checked.
file_ignore List of files to ignore
http_status_ignore List of HTTP status codes to ignore when reporting errors
ignore_mailto If set to true, “mailto” links will be ignored when checking internal links, so that they don’t trigger 404 warnings every time.
ignore_cc_editor_link If set to true, CloudCannon editor links will be ignored when checking internal links, so that they don’t trigger 404 warnings every time.
internal_domains List of internal domains to check links against.
only_4xx If set to true, only report error codes starting with ‘4’ (i.e. 401, 404…).
src The directory of the compiled site to check.
output Path of the JSON file to write error reports to.
url_ignore List of URLs to ignore when checking links.
cache.timeline Determines how long to keep items in the cache.
cache.storage_dir Path to store cache JSON file.



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